When I was one

Been spending time with the amazing images at NASA.gov. Your tax dollars at work! This is the dark side of the moon, dark as in not seen or not known. With one side always facing earth, the other has been unseen since the advent of life on earth. Dark side until 1959 when it was first seen. I was one year old.

John Cage at home

Here’s a Karaoke version of Cage’s masterpiece for your home performances!

Saturn, moons, plates, & life itself

Being interested in self organizing systems and space images I’ve been looking at Saturn’s moon Enceladus, one of two moons being considered as possible places life might have arisen. This was a sketch for a platter using images from the cassini spacecraft, just now finishing up it’s mission. The black areas indicate areas not imaged, these inspired this one.

John Cage’s 4’33”

For the Pluto Project (making rocks) we mashed up John Cage’s masterwork 4 minutes and 33 seconds with the New Horizon’s 2015 flyby of Pluto. This interested me for a number of reasons. The two, being from differing domains (music & space) has a high degree of (radical) difference. Because we had committed to a convivial event we used the forms of a musical performance with a following reception. Cage piece provided both a ‘differing experience for most and it was possible to spontaneously created a performance group & audience with no rehearsals or much explanation. And it had the important absurdity, irony, and unclear meanings. The absurdity because it captures attention & provides a different perspective to our already … Read More