Making Rocks for Pluto

From 3 months of research & development,
came over 50 commemorative ceramic plates! As part of new ‘Aesthetics to Engineering’ course housed between the Engineering departments & the Art department at UC/Boulder, two interns & I developed a convivial event celebrating the New Horizon’s 2015 fly by of the dwarf planet Pluto. At the center of the event was the production of a nine sided ceramic plate embossed with surface feature from Pluto. With posters, a performance of John Cage’s masterpiece 4′ 33″, sweet treats and a reading of a poem, written by a Doctoral candidate who was involved in the Pluto mission, it was a fun and fulfilling adventure. Very thankful to my good friend Martha Russo who taught the class and helped to shepherd the project along.
NASA images from the fly by here.